Computer Repair Centre

PC HelpFitcom solutions has enjoyed a first class reputation in computer repairs and servicing for nearly 10 years, dealing with business and personal customers all over Galway and the West of Ireland. During this time we have come across and dealt effectively with most kinds of computer problems. Whether your PC or Laptop just won't boot up, you've seen the dreaded 'blue screen', you've lost all your emails, lost files, your computer has slowed down, you can't connect to the internet or the mouse has stopped working - we come across these problems every day.

bullet Desktop/Laptop Computer Repairs
bullet Computer Upgrades
bullet Virus Detection and Removal
bullet Computer Maintenance and Back ups
bullet Data Recovery

Our repair service is second to none. A FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE will be given after full diagnosis and before any work is carried out. We also offer a NO FIX - NO FEE service so if we cannot fix the problem you pay absolutely nothing.  Most repairs can be carried out onsite with more lengthy repairs taken to our workshop.  The customer will be kept fully informed of the cost, duration and progress of the repair.

For further information or quires about our Computer repair service call 091-778770 or email us at

IT Security 

IT Security is becoming more of a concern to small businesses as IT developments progress and with the increase in the use of broadband connections. To ensure your data is secure from the Internet, fITcom solutions has a range of security products for any budget, for any network. From Firewalls, to protecting your network from Viruses, Spam and Spyware, your network needs to constantly stay up to date with emerging technologies to ensure you are secure.

Computer viruses, trojan horses and worms can attach themselves to programs and reproduce themselves by making copies which are intended to spread to other computers and can damage not only your programs but also hardware and data stored on your computer. They are most commonly spread by visiting unfamiliar websites that are not widely trusted, downloading software from untrusted sources and in email attachments. The symptoms can vary widely but if your system begins to behave badly or in a clearly different manner you should suspect a virus and take steps to eradicate it.

With so many security products on the market, fITcom solutions can work with you to supply, install and support complete network solutions that match your company's needs.

For further information about our IT security and preventative measures for your computers call 091-778770 or email us at

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